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George Lucas says ...
Coming in the March issue of Millimeter: an exclusive interview with director/producer George Lucas, who sat down with Millimeter for an in-depth discussion just prior to receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Visual Effects Society at the VES Awards Ceremony at the Hollywood Palladium in February. In that interview, Lucas discusses a wide range of topics relating to his career accomplishments, the advancement of the art of visual effects, and more generally, digital filmmaking.
Among the subjects Lucas touches on in his Millimeter interview is a vigorous promotion and defense of his industry-leading decision to embrace HD image capture for feature filmmaking and his complete abandonment of the film medium. Following is an excerpt of his comments.

See the March Millimeter for the full story, and visit for past articles examining both sides of the
ongoing HD vs. film debate.

"It's true that HD has certain unique
characteristics that a lot of people complain about. But film has them too--it's always had them, and they aren't necessarily that flattering to look at. It's just that film's flaws are built into the system--everyone has been using it for so long that no one recognizes the flaws anymore. No one wants to talk about them. People just maneuver around them silently, pretending they are not there, like big elephants that sit around the room. They pretend not to see the film elephant, but they point out the digital elephant.

"But the real truth is, digital has such high quality, sometimes too high, and it's easy to send images into the digital realm on low-cost equipment and manipulate them. It's just a more facile medium in terms of how you tell your stories.

"Cinema is simply about the use of moving images to tell your stories, so the medium you use to capture those moving images shouldn't be that important. In that sense, it shouldn't matter what you use. But the medium does matter to the studios, which finance our pictures, and digital cinema, on the capture and display side, is simply more cost-effective, and it allows you to finance much grander stories. So why stick with a medium that is limited as a technology, developed in the 19th century?"

--Director/producer George Lucas

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This seems to mirror the crisis the music labels are having.
Digital music transformed the industry.

How long till digital movie distribution is the norm?

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