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The socialistic system in Germany is cratering,,4637571,00.html

Inevitable, as hundreds of billions sloshing around, powerful political unions, and idiotic politicians have wasted so much money , and come up with so much regulation, the system is failing.

"Many believe that what the only way to rejuvenate the system is to expose it to market forces."

"The last 20 years alone have seen 14 health care reforms. While the initial health care restructuring was designed to provide more efficient and cost-effective healthcare services, the most recent reforms focus more on the structure of health insurance funds.

One way or another, most of them have been bad news for the public."

"the cracks are showing. And it's not just patients who are noticing. Medical and healthcare professionals also say that conditions are worsening.

"Everything has gone downhill," says one nurse who works in a hospital in Bonn. "We all have less time, there are so many cuts, patients are dissatisfied, especially the elderly ones."

Doctors are also fed up, and say the system is flawed. "

"Social Democrat Ulla Schmidt, for one, would like to give it another chance and abolish private health insurance altogether. But ultimately, today's social and economic forces are nudging Germany more in the direction of a healthcare system built on individual responsibility. The issue will certainly be on voters' minds when they go to the polls this month."

wowie....Germany is about to go to private insurance.......after realizing that socialistic medicine fails....

and we are going to try their failed experiment.....dumb.....but then again, Pelosi is a ultra left wing radical.....not the least concerned with health care...but just power....and having control over a 2 trillion dollar slush fund...

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