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The following is an e-mail I sent to Tom Gardner in response to his announcement today that the Fool is launching Fool Germany. I would encourage all of you to let him know how you feel about the fact that Canada has been ignored -- again!

Hi Tom,

Remember us up here in Canada? That's right -- we're the ones who send down those arctic air masses and the ones who have been pleading for some recognition and help for Foolish Canadian investors. We don't want much (Canadians are notoriously modest), only some recognition with our own area of the Fool -- Fool Canada Eh! -- and the ability to track all our stocks on the Fool site, even those on the TSE. Oh, and maybe a Canadian portfolio that takes into account our RRSP rules that legislate 80% Canadian content.

But, alas, it is not to be. You are too busy creating Fool UK and Fool Germany. Is it too much to hope that you are working in reverse alphabetical order and that Fool Canada might be next?

Your Foolish neighbor to the north,

Fool on,

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As a Canadian who likes the Foolish concept very much, I am disappointed that a Canadian Fool site is
not yet operating and a German site is (No offense to the Germans). As your Feb 14th notice about Germany states, to paraphrase, only local Fools can truly provide the necessary services for success. Already I delete any e-mail that mentions 401's or taxes, ira's etc. in the header without opening them. (By the way the 401 is a 4 to 12 lane superhighway in Ontario. It runs about 3/4 of a kilometre north of my home.) Many
an American company has come north and made many a foolish mistake in assuming that Canadian's are "just like us" because most of us speak English and every town as a Ford dealer. Are you the next?

Just some thoughts

Murray McGregor
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