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I would love to hear from anyone familiar with gestational surrogacy. I'm particularly interested in people who know about it in Massachusetts.

(This isn't about my having kids, thankfully. I finally gave birth to a wonderful daughter in 2009.)

I know how much it hurts to not get a baby, and I'm trying to get my friend as much information as I can for what she might want to do.

- Megan
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one of my neighbors was a surrogate twice (I think in each case 3 eggs implanted - 2 sets of twins)

While she is DONE performing that service, I can ask her if she would be willing to discuss it from her perspective, if you want to try to put your friends together with her via email
(we are in CT - so laws may be similar)

For her - if i recall correctly - she enjoyed the experience, had two VERY different sets of parents each time,
waited forever in one situation for the egg donor to be picked...lots of anecdotes I am sure.

let me know

peace & babies
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