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Folks --

 This little informal guide to alternate names might help some of you. 
 It's not comprehensive, but it might clear up some confusion when you see
 different financial statements using different names for the same things...


 Accounts payable                =       Payables

 Accounts receivable             =       Trade receivables
                                =       Receivables

 Additional Paid-in Capital      =       Capital in Excess of Stated Value
                                 =       Capital Surplus
                                 =       Paid-in capital

 Balance Sheet                   =       Statement of Financial Condition
                                 =       Consolidated Balance Sheets

 Cost of Goods Sold              =       Costs of Sales
                                 =       Cost of Revenue
                                 =       Cost of products sold
                                 =       Costs, materials and production

 Earnings                        =       Net Income      
                                 =       Net Profit

 Income Statement                =       Earnings Statement 
                                 =       Statement of Operations 
                                 =       Profit & Loss Statement
                                 =       Consolidated Statement of Income

 Inventories                     =       Merchandise inventories

 Earnings before Income Taxes   =        Income (loss) before Income Taxes
                               =       Earnings before provision for income taxes

 Earnings per Share              =       Net Income per Share
                                 =       Net Income per Common Share

 Net income                      =       Net profit
                                 =       Net earnings

 Revenues                        =       Sales
                                 =       Net Sales

 Shareholder equity              =       Shareholders' investment
                                 =       Stockholders' equity

 Short-term debt                =        Debt payable within one year
                                 =       Current portion of long-term debt
                                 =       Notes payable
                                 =       sometimes, it's a combination 
                                            of some of the above
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Could you explain "flow ratio", por favor?

I've seen this term before but haven't yet caught up with a definition of it.

Thanks in advance,

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