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So there were some changes the last couple of days and the Den is on several threads on tmf boards. Figures. We're an interesting group to think about. Everyone wants to test and measure our strength. No sweat, there! ;-)

I went to the new chat room today and it was fine. Took a different route to get there, so I was thinking about the fact that it was a different room with many of the same people. Kind of a big change and kind of a small change, but a change, no matter.

BJ has been like a father to this board. He has taken a heartfelt interest in the folks who post here and the information they post. When he had more time, he used to go out of his way to greet anyone new who scrunched up the courage to post to the Den. I know, because i remember how many months it took me to lurk and finally post here. Everyone seemed so smart and quick. Lots of posts were way over my head with Level this and stochastics that... But BJ was one of the first to make me feel welcome with his encouragement. I made him a favorite fool (when i was much younger and did stuff like that, still
;-) )

As my trading time frame got smaller and smaller over the last year, I spent more time at the den and less time at the ltb&h boards. Several months ago i added BJ's chat to my desk top and before I knew it, i was signing into his chat just as fast as i could get my browsers and broker programs up in the morning for Pre-trade messages. I'm the type of person that doesnt pay too close of attention to when things actually change, so I cant tell you how long BJ's chat has been available to daytraders each day. But i can tell you, that after I began to use his room, that it became a very valuable resource in which to sharpen trading skills. Making up a chat with photos, and statistics and the chat tidbits posted to the den is an enormous gift that BJ has given to many. Myself included. It has been an act of generosity and of a lot of his time has been spent to make and keep things right.

I've thought about putting up a homepage for myself from time to time, but I've never done it. For me, it is like housework. Whenever it is finally all tidy and *just so*, there is something that comes up that needs to be taken care of.... cleaned up... tended to... worked on.......fixed up. The gift that BJ has given us has not come *free* from him. But it has been *free* to us, because of him.

He's never said anything about the chat and all the work it takes to keep it going as an obligation and I don't think he sees it as that. And when I read that he was ready for other things, it made sense to support his looking to free up his time for the next thing he wants to focus on. He has many things that vie for his time. His family, his travels, his work, his technical pursuits, his trading and more.

I'm jealous that there is not more of him to go around. I'm sad that there is a change in the wind, because I know in my heart that BJ must have some sadness, too, at passing on his chatchild to those who have come to rely on it daily as he moves away from the daily obligations that his gift requires. The chatroom will always be bj's brainchild. His vision for a meeting place for traders. It will always be the first chat from the Den and for me, BJ will always be the Father of the Den. Some things change, like the location of the chat. But the important things... the spirit of the work and generousity, will always remain as BJ's Gift to us. Now, perhaps, it is his time to be the guest. To come and go when he wants without any obligations. Just like it's been for all of us all these many months (& years).

You are a sweet man who shares so much, BJ. Let others do the work for a while. Visit often and if you ever, ever get really *bored* and want to set up a chatroom again, I know an entire herd of people who would rush to the exits to move in with you once more.

Thank you for your many Gifts, BJ. You are one in a million. ~j
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