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The original title of this message was "YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!", but hear me out on this. It's not just you guys, it's TMF too.

I just went over to CNBC to check out the after-hours prices one more time, and I decided to check out the messages. 42 pages worth. Today. Not 42 messages. 42 pages.

I responded to one guy who shorted at $94 and told him to get out as soon as possible. He won't, of course. He will try to time a dip. He will lose more. No one on that board seemed to know the concept of buy-and-hold.

Most of the messages said nothing. In 42 pages of messages, I found very little content (actually, I looked at only 2 pages before giving up). Lots of speculation on tomorrow's stock price. Lots of speculation about how to time this news to make money. I like the price to go up, but I'm not planning to sell anytime soon. Are you? Are you Foolish?

There is just something that is special about the Fool message boards. The community is really well informed, and someone is always there with an answer when I don't have one.

What causes the difference between The Fool and other message board sites? Could it be that all of us here tend to gravitate toward long-term buy-and-hold, so we just naturally hang around the same stocks for a long time, soaking up lots of good info about the companies we own? Thus, we tend to become mini-experts in the fields we are invested in?

Could be.

Looks like the Motley Fool is really doing what it set out to do. We get a lot of stuff for free that others can't get by paying for it, mainly because they pay analysts (who tell them to sell off their Rambus at $18 post-split to wait for the summer slump to be over).

Is The Fool perfect? No. They make us do our own picking, and then they don't congratulate us when we are right. Hey, wait, maybe THAT is perfect after all (hidden apology for a recent Post-of-the-Day?). Otherwise we would be foolish and the Gardners would be analysts, and every single one of us has already chosen not to go down that road.

So let's give a virtual round of applause to the Gardner brothers, along with all Fools whose names begin with a TMF, for providing a community where those of us who wish to learn from one another can do so, and for providing so much good GENERAL advice and wisdom about investing.

Recommend this message. Put your hands together and let the Gardners and all the staff at TMF know how much we appreciate what they have done for us. With enough recommendations, this message will be read by the Gardners (I'm pretty sure they keep up with the most-recommended messages), who will then know how we patrons of the Rambus board feel about their wonderful life's work. And if you have made a mint on Rambus, vote twice! :-)

Of course, this is open to anyone who wishes to thank TMF! Even if you never heard of Rambus before, please lend your voice as a small, but heartfelt thank you.


All the Little Fools
(and All the Filthy Rich Little Fools, who voted twice)
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