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Did everyone give up on Bob Brinker after he was wildly bullish at the top in 2007 and calling for a gift horse buy when the S&P500 was at 1400 at the start of the bear market?

I have many Bob Brinker Fan Club forums bookmarked that used to discuss Brinker with a passion

The last post about Brinker here was OVER a year ago!
===> Date: 2/18/09 5:24 PM

Suite101 ended discussions

Silicon Investor has a few people that mostly talk about politics. A few of Bob Brinker's biggest supporters of the past on that site switched to Sy Harding at the bottom of the bear market and Harding missed much of the gain

Honey's Brinker Beehive Buzz Blog has some discussions but only a handful seem to post

Bob Brinker Fan Club Blog has almost zero discussions

One site, fundalarm, used to discuss Brinker until the moderator said he got a threatening email from Brinker so he deletes all posts.

I guess this explains why ABC radio in NY dropped the show.
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I still listen to Brinker's radio show when I can. It's informative and entertaining. Mr. Brinker also has excellent guests, although at times his interviewing skills are poor.

But, the "Marketimer" newsletter failed me miserably. I only subscribed to that newsletter as a tool to help me avoid a big decline in the Stock Market. Mr. Brinker had had some success in the past with the "Markrtimer" newsletter -- advising when to move money in or out of the market.

In the huge bear market we had from late 2007 until March 09, Brinker advised subscribers to stay fully invested. In other words, the "Marketimer" newsletter failed.

Still, as I've said, I think the radio show is pretty good. The discussions on the show and his advice to callers are generally very smart and sensible.
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I don't know if I've given up, but Mr. Brinker has said virtually nothing about many aspects of our current eco crisis. Most of the callers I've heard seem fairly well-heeled, and do not seem to have the problems facing lots of Americans these days (ie: loss of job, underwater mortgages, high debt overhang, to name but a few). I haven't heard him give any advice other than his standard "no brainer" of putting money in a total market index fund and riding out the storm.

He did spend much of Saturday ranting against the possibility of government absorbing IRAs and 401Ks in return for an annuity check (for which he is to be commended). Other than that, he seems to be spouting the party line: Bernanke has saved us, things are getting better (even if you can't see it) and all will be well pretty soon.
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