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Watched my last half show tonight. This is a disaster. Listening to these mental morons debate current issues is sickening and depressing. It is apparent that listening to this sorry bunch spew their political views is the point of this show. They don't even bother to show the competitions. Tonight the very large gay person verbally attacked the only Mormon (gee, think having a mormon on this show was on purpose? Nah) over her not voting for gay marriage. Unfortunately, he is very large, very angry and she's not equiped to debate him. So now he wants to vote her out to "send a message to America". Turned it off at that point. Off the DVR and hope this is not a preview of the crap we will be subjected to by the liberal Hollywood "elite" for the next 4 months.

Saw that their viewership was not good at the beginning and dropped dramatically on the second week. Can only hope that this week they fell off the viewership cliff.
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I have not watched last night's ep yet but I've been disappointed with the show so far and likely won't make it through the season.

I like the basic idea but unfortunately it didn't seem to come together very well. Plus the fact that almost all of the players are morons.

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