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It does not amaze me that Liberals will go to an inflated article about Global Warming "agreement" by scientists and not check the details ... just the headlines.

Why does that not amaze me? Theses are the same people that believe sequester will cause all the firemen to lose their jobs and that children will be wandering the streets alone because their day cares would be shut down.

On to the 97-98% of scientists agree man causes global warming.

Did you follow up on that ... maybe ... unbelievable number? What was the group made up of and how did they get the data?

1372 scientific researchers .... my god ... how can that be wrong?

Read the "study" (or pile of numbers may be better)

Fact is, the 1372 were not asked a question. 10,000 were not asked a question .... heck, 10 were not asked a question.

They scanned 1375 articles wriiten by "self proclaimed" climate researchers and found that 97% of the self proclaimed climate researchers" who published articles agreed with each other :)

They scanned for the articles they needed by looking for what they wanted, and when the search culled out 1375 .... amazingly, 97% agreed with each other ... oh ... and the search criteria :)

How do you respond to such stacking of data to achieve desired results?

I know how to respond to those who do not question the results and seek to find out the base line data and questions ........

Baaaaahaaa ....Baaaaahaaa ....Baaaaahaaa ....Baaaaahaaa ....Baaaaahaaa ....


(we discussed this on the board years ago)
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What was the group made up of and how did they get the data?
68% of all statistics are made up.

Baaaaahaaa ....Baaaaahaaa ....
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