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2001-2003 I was focused on completing my Masters of Finance. 2004-2006 I was focused on passing the CFA Program. Now that I'm done with that, I feel a little lost. So for the first time in my life, I've put goals down on paper. Now I'm sharing them with others so that I will feel accountable.


Goals for 2007

Professional / Investing

1. Read More– 12 books on investing and at least 1 non-fiction classic. My father always complains about his horrible vocabulary and how he needs to read more, now I feel the same way. I like investing books, but I need some culture as well.

2. Make an effort to learn one new company in depth per month (at least 8 in the year (taking off earnings season), stretch goal is a full 12). I feel I learn a little about a lot of companies, I want to know a lot about a lot of companies, and I need to start somewhere. Inspiration:

3. Clean up and focus my personal portfolio – who needs the 0.5% positions? I buy a starter position in a company with the intention of following it or looking closer, and for whatever reason I no longer follow them as I should, these companies need to go or become larger positions. I did this a few years ago and it's time to do it again. Candidates for sale include AVID, GTSI, ADBL, SLAB, SMG.TO, VRX.

4. Determine value for all companies I own. This appears to be a no-brainer, but going along with the previous goal, I don't have a good idea of what many companies I own are worth, which leads to things such as not selling when stocks get way ahead of themselves (see SLAB and AVID in early 2006, BWLD perhaps in late 2006) or panicking when they fall instead of buying more.

5. Resist urge to “trade”, but don't be afraid to sell something when the situation changes. For example, VRX was purchased because I anticipated positive trial data, and 9 months after negative data was released, I still own it (partially due to ValueAct's stake accumulated over the summer). AACC was purchased over PRAA due to valuation, and when it became apparent it was a much lower quality company, there was no need to own it as long as I did just because it was cheap. There is no need to sell immediately on bad news, but analyze the situation and make a sound decision.

6. Use options as a way of enhancing returns. This is something I've done with a fair amount of success, but I believe I can do even better. Sell put options on companies I know well (going along with goals 2 and 4).

7. Use Web 2.0 to better document my thoughts and keep a good record of documents, I'm tired of trying to figure out where I read something. Things such as starting a blog, using to track links, etc.

8. Go back and look at Enron SEC filings and completely understand the fraud/disclosure/etc. I have a general idea, but I want to look at the specifics regarding – lack of real earnings, what was disclosed regarding the SPEs, etc.


1. Lose weight – currently 225 lbs, desire a 10% reduction to 200-205, stretch goal is 15%. I got down to 192 in order to win a contest at work a few years ago, and have slowly put it all back on. I'm not trying to be skinny, just healthier and have my clothes fit better. Accomplish this through both healthier eating and more exercise (in addition to my weekly hockey, ride a bike, use the elliptical machine, or go to the gym at least twice per week). I need to ensure Ben grows up with healthy eating habits. Use to track everything.

2. Watch less TV – I don't need to watch near as much as I do, although I believe I watch a lot less than the average person. Watch nothing live besides sports and news – allow TIVO to save me time. When I do watch something live, try to exercise at the same time.

3. Anger management – continue to work to control my anger. I've gone 2 months of hockey without a penalty, although almost got one my last game. Emily was not embarrassed by my actions during Michigan's Rose Bowl loss. I've come a long way, I need to continue for Ben's sake.

4. Floss teeth on a daily basis – once or twice a week is not sufficient, especially with all the health benefits. Go to the dentist twice this year instead of the once I've been going the past 3 or 4 years.

5. Reconnect with lost friends – Get back in touch with one long lost friend and a couple short-time lost friends. I recently met up with a friend I had not seen in 8 years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

6. Encourage / Support Emily in pursuing the CPA.

7. Drink Less Diet Coke, I'm convinced the NutraSweet affects my memory. Stretch Goal: Stop drinking diet pop altogether.

8. Live off only my salary and only use Emily's for one time items such as Property Taxes, Insurance, etc. Stretch Goal: Save 100% of Emily's salary.
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