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I must admit, I'm way behind on messages here at REHP, but I'm doing my best to catch up.

I believe the last I posted on my departure from my business: I had informed my shareholders, and we were working though the transition?

I had become bored with sitting in my office doing practically nothing, whilst the rest of the staff was testing it's new wings, seeing if everyone was up to speed. Thanks to TMF to occupy my time while I was there.


My most recent, and final board meeting was just a few days ago. The usual pleasantries, "thankyous for service", well wishes, and so on. To that point, I had only resigned as an officer of the company. It had been discussed in recent weeks about keeping my seat on the Board to serve in an advisory capacity. My attorney advised against it, and so I resigned my seat in the board meeting.

The board, in the interest of barreling into the transition full steam ahead, has allowed me to continue the rest of the transition from home, at full salary. I really dont have to do much, just check email a couple of times a day and be available by phone most any time. Thank God for cell phones!

So I suppose I've found the only thing better than retirement. Retirement with full pay! At least for a couple more months anyway. <grin>

Additionally and separately, we are continuing to negotiate the buyout/purchase of my company stock. It's not a quick maneuver, and I'm in no rush. I figure the one thing I have now is time.

Nevertheless, since the numbers/financial requirments that I planned my RE budget for have no recognition of my buyout funds, I'm content to work through the negotiation methodically, letting the attorney's and CPA's do the heavy lifting. It ain't cheap, but it's a service worth spending money on for this brief period of time.

So What Have I Done in the Past Two Weeks?

Gee, where to begin?! As many have said here before, I dont know how I ever had time to work before! <grin>

I've only awakened to an alarm clock once.

I've been to 3 Braves games.

I've been helping my son practice his slider and curve ball in the yard in the mornings before the sun gets high and hot. (I have the bruises to prove it <grin>).

I'm re-learning the joys of sitting down to a meal with the family. We used to take pride in having one meal a day "together", now it's 3 on most days.

Dining out is enjoyable again. Lunch at 2pm is nice when you have the restaraunt all to yourself and the service is excellent.

Ditto for grocery and general shopping. I never thought I'd say I enjoyed that. <grin> But it's kind of nice to be able to take your time, not to mention we're not overpaying for items anymore because we dont have time to go get them somewhere with a better price.

I bought a bass boat today. The past two years have been the only two years of the past 15, that I wasnt an avid bass fisherman. All plans for the resumed obsession are *on*. Looking forward to being on the water when the masses AREN'T.

I shot the best 9 hole round of my life (that I recall) just the other day with a 38. My wife and son were there to see it, the wife made her first birdie ever on a par 3, and my son hit his first green from the tee (they're both beginners). It's amazing how much better my game is by not being rushed to get to the course, or to complete the round.

I'm enjoying my extended family more. Now I know why grandparents always look so happy to see everyone. With no schedules to meet or deadlines to make, I'm finding I'm truly enjoying PEOPLE more.

I rarely check my stock portfolio now. I used to check it a few times a day as a matter of habit, not out of concern. I think today was the first time I'd looked at the entire port in a week. My guess is my next look will be even further out.

As always, enjoying this board. Though I do find myself "playing catch up" and lurking ALOT more. I'll always be around here though, I have a debt of service to the many here, and I'll continue to contribute where I can be of help.

These are just a few of the things I've been up to. There's plenty more, but you get the idea. I'm sure in time, some of the newness will wear off, and I'll settle into a routine. But to date, it's been wonderful, and I never went through the "fish out of water" syndrome (yet)that many report. (Your mileage may vary I suppose)

Gotta run - big day tomorrow: Fix door, cut the grass, and a Braves game at 730pm. <grin>

Lovin' it

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