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I had an eye exam today and had thought about going target shooting afterwards......what was I thinking? It's like a giant eraser went over my brain and made me forget the long lasting effects of those drops that dilate the eyes. Ack! no way in heck I could have gone target was bad enough driving.

Just got home a little while ago, I went for eye exam...he says left eye will be more prone to get glaucoma as the socket is more shallow...left eye is the weaker eye. Drugstore reading glasses will do for now.

dStopped by brokerage office to get two stocks transferred to one of my accounts and then headed way yonder to pick up Sweetum's and yours truly prescriptions.

It was a warmer day and I spent it in the frigging car. Tomorrow, snow and rain is expected. Ack!

I'm sure glad I cancelled out on that state of the union thingie pupils are still dilated and I think I would be crushing the meter to pieces. :)

I think I need to divert my attention somehow.....would have been a good night to go to the gun range. :)
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