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Hope this is the right board. In Florida and appreciate advice for buying good quality beds and mattresses. Don't want the elite due to costs, but don't want to go cheap either. Looking for quality and reputable brands. The Condo I am looking at has 2 queen size beds(which I will get rid of) for mostly weekly renters by the beach and tend to be in their 50-60's(a couple) for one queen size with a friend or young child for the other.

Was trying to find a lower base as opposed to some of these beds that one needs a small ladder to get onto or not such a huge mattress that has the same effect, but open to all suggestions. Having difficulty finding this at present.

Would also like if possible to take advantage of Black Friday sales.

Thx. Bran.
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I can't give you ideas for brands to buy, but if this is going to be a short term rental and you have the space get a king sized bed for one of those queens. They are more marketable. Also consider getting a platform bed rather than a box spring base approach. Provides lots of room below the bed to store things like suitcases and is that much less to replace when the time comes. Half of our own personal beds use them and as we swap out old sets for new it is the way we are going. Box springs can be a place for dust mites to hide, or worse in your case bed bugs that may come in with your guests. Ours look like this and fit into the frame of our conventional bed frame, though YMMV. You can attach a headboard to them as well, but that often requires additional hardware.

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