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Susan Rice, remember her?

Ladies and Gentlemen, on the day that the United States House of Representatives held hearings on the terrorist attacks on our consulate in Libya, the attacks about which she repeatedly lied to the American people, one of our ambassadors was breezily tweeting about how marvelous the United Nations is about supporting gay rights:

Susan Rice ?@AmbassadorRice So proud to defend #humanrights and ensure #LGBT voices are heard at the #UN. @Global_Equality

Four dead Americans, and she's doing a happy dance because she thinks the UN is gay-friendly now? What delusional fantasy world is she living in?

The UN is overrun by countries who build on their virulent hatred of Israel with a depressingly widespread practice of imprisonment, torture, and murder of gays. I've seen several reports that Ambassador Chris Stevens was gay, which if true, would make it even more outrageous that one of the administration officials who lied the most about the cause of his death is now blithely tweeting about gay rights.
These people are insane.
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I sure hope she and Condi are not related, she's a poor excuse for an Ambassador.

I dare say all of O's pic's are incompetent and were only put there because of Chicago connections.
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These people are insane.


Americans are insane for voting these people into positions of power. We must never, ever let American liberals be in charge of foreign policy.

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