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I like this company more and more. They posted a $1 Million loss this quarter (with $86million in cash remaining on the balance sheet).

The numbers look stable, and they are continuing their plan of growing their operations while remaining just under break-even. Their growth pace seems good. They plan to have inroads into the New York market by the end of the year and they have 24% more salespeople than this time last year.

Also, check out the stats on total sales, total sales volumes, and the per sale revenue. Very nice. Not as good as if they had added their staff during the boom years, but still very strong considering the current buyer's market and lending environment.

If anyone's still in this one, I'm interested to hear opinions. I'm excited about this one. It's got the hallmarks of a rule breaker, in my opinion. And, investing in them now seems like investing during the hard times.

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I'm hanging in there too. I just went over ZipRealty's lastest results. TMF summarized my thoughts 100% -- go to

Fact is, the housing market's hammered lots of nice homeowning folks who are tired of realtors in their Cadillacs who don't bring them buyers looking at paying the enormous commissions the roaring housing market [used to] require. They're putting up "For Sale by Owner" signs, hiring people to do upgrades while the old school agents' contracts expire, and going to the internet to look at houses where they want to be.

I think ZIPR is a hidden gem that lots of people are going to be looking at in the very near future. I don't think stock pickers are going to wait for the sub-prime mess to clear up before they look for real estate bargains.

I don't like financials associated with mortgage underwriting. I think the homebuilders are in the midst of a major shake-out, with nobody able to pick the last man standing with any certainty.

ZipRealty presses on with their strategy of taking over the house buying/selling business region by region. None of the others have mastered the ZipRealty model. And I don't think it's ZIPR's proprietary website software. It's called FOCUS. Amidst the rubble will be ZipRealty's competition.

And ZipRealty will not only be left standing, it will be marching forward rescuing the victims -- including the best of the frustrated real estate agents, lots of scalded sellers, and all the ruthless-but-realistic buyers who need expert help.

How's that for "pumpin'"?

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Great points, and the choir of a few sings along. I'm surprised to see that Rick M. is following this stock, but I'm not surprised by what he said in his writeup. Similar to our own takes, I think. Your link was to Google, here's the link directly to Rick's article for reference:
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