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As usual, I feel like I'm off-topic in posting this, but I don't know anywhere else to post it because there isn't a "Nintendo" or "Console" board. Maybe we should expand the scope of this board to be "Computer and Video Games"?

Anyway, GameSpot has an update on Star Fox Dinosaur Planet.,10870,2807363,00.html
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Maybe we should expand the scope of this board to be "Computer and Video Games"?

I'll vote for that. I am a long time lurker, often looking for opportunities to join in but I am strictly a PS2 gal for the moment and would like to chat with fellow gamers.

Games I've completed recently:
Rayman Revolution, Warriors of Might and Magic, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Onimusha Warlords, Dark Cloud, Escape from Monkey Island
Currently finishing Red Faction
Next game to play Resident Evil Code Veronica

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>>Gauntlet Dark Legacy<<

I've been playing this a lot, too (Level 71 Archer). With so much dross out there for the PS2, I happen to think it's easily the best title that's been released for the console so far, incorporating pretty graphics with gameplay reminiscent of the arcade classic. And like the original, it's superfun in multiplayer mode. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

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I agree. Gauntlet was loads of fun (Archer too). By far its one of my favorites so far. Just finishing Red Faction which was also great - many levels and really neat weapons.

I am waiting for the release of Silent Hill 2 - although it hasn't reached classic level (as this is only it's second game in the series) it looks like it will be as good as if not better then the orginal.

Now I wish Interplay would put Fallout on PS2 then everything would be great! Looking forward to Dark Alliance - it's gotten really great reviews.

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Okay, everybody's talking about Gauntlet Dark Legacy and you've got me curious. Is it significantly improved from Gauntlet Legends? I played the whole thing for the Nintendo. By the time I was nearing the end it was getting kind of tedious. It goes something like this:

1. Play next level
2. Running out of health? If so, go to step 4. (If next level has a boss monster, you will need to do steps 4-6 at least five times.)
3. Need a special item to proceed? If so, go to step 7. Otherwise, go back to step 1.
4. Replay level 1, 2, or 3.
5. Sell some items and buy health.
6. Back to step 2.
7. Go back and search every corner of levels you have already played before, hoping to stumble across special item.
8. Back to step 2.

Repeat formula forever until the game is over.

The best way to play is as a multi-player game with the kids, but that invariably ends up in fights over who's hogging the items. And heaven forbid that you should play with any amount of efficiency... if you kill everything then the kid complains that they aren't getting any level-ups, and if you sit back and take it easy then they get swarmed and frustrated, and you wind up doing steps 4-6 a potentially infinite number of times.

WARNING: under no circumstances should two people under the age of 13 be allowed to play together. Injuries will occur.

Whoops, didn't mean to turn this into a rant. So anyway, how does DL stack up?
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If you enjoy hack and slash for what it is - Gauntlet is a low budget Diablo. The variety isn't the gameplay but hacking your way through the eight worlds of five levels each and the final battle realm plus secret levels, legend items, runestones, and crystals. Yes, you will need to buy health and there is the endless searching for all the items but thats what Gauntlet has been and will always be about.

I think it's much like any other series - there is a familarity to playing the new addition - sort of mindless pleasure.

Do you think they have kept producing Halloween the movies since 1978 because they have an entirely new plot? - more likely there is a following that will be watching Halloween well into the next century - even though it's always the same story over and over.

I for one will continue to play the Gauntlet series.

To heck with 13 year olds, multiplayer mode and injuries --- my son and I (both well over 13) play and it's not without bumps, bruises, whines and temper tantrums!!!

(fan and follower of this classic)
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