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What is wrong with GT it posted a record earnings the best in 7 years! So why is it acting like nothing happens?
I'll answers that: because the insiders are playing with the stock, probably hoping that a hostile takeover happens in which it might happen, to take the burden off the shoulders of the insiders !
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Undoubtedly it's also because the company has said that Q4 is going to be nothing special. While it is expected to show growth, it won't be on the level of Q3. Further, Goodyear also has a mountain of debt it needs to tame and pension plans that could affect performance.

I doubt that insiders, which own just 0.12% of the 176 million outstanding shares are doing any sort of manipulation, regardless of their desire for a hostile takeover, which I also doubt. Goodyear has restructured itself and is paring down its operations to focus more fully on its core operations. After wandering in the wilderness for so many years, now that the ship has righted itself I doubt management doesn't want to enjoy the benefits of their work.


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