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This kind of stock realy isnt my usual cup of tea. But as I was looking at my BRAIX mutual fund, I noticed it was the funds number one holding with a 2 percent margin on its next largest holding (MDR). I looked at the chart and puked. I'm not a bottom feeder, it just tastes horrible. But Goodyear... When are we reinventing the wheel? Not anytime soon. I started up a small position, but I feel like I'm going in blind so I could use some help. Any serious chartists out their? Has this thing bottomed or what? What kinds of signs show that it will. I know rubber prices have been killing tire companies (something I didnt find on this board as I skipped through it...), so does anyone know anything about rubber prices. Third, isnt this market completely generic (I'm not a car guy)?

Soar Like the Blimp
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Raw materials killing slim margins. Rubber prices double last year.
New union contract may put max pain on Goodyear.
I see 6's before the end of the year.

LT Positives: Slower car sales will eventually mean higher margin after market tires.
Hight cost plants may be shut.

The Drake
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