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Subtitled: "Would Dell do this?"

So, to go along with my new MBP, I decided I wanted to give MobileMe a try. I looked at the MobileMe page of Apple's website, and saw that there was an offer of $30 off the price for purchasers of new equipment - and that included refurbished models, too. The notice said to just add MobileMe to your purchase, and the discount would be applied.

I started calling to find out how I could take advantage of the discount after the fact, since my order has already been filled. Early this morning, I tried the Customer Service number, where all I got was the robot. Good as the robot is at understanding customer phrases, it really wasn't getting me. When I asked to be switched to a rep, the message given was that no one was available. I tried the Apple Store number, with the same results.

I waited a bit, and started again - this time I called the number for MobileMe support. I got a live person, but he determined that I needed Customer Service. When I got a live person there, I explained that I had an order already on its way, gave him the order number, and asked whether I could take advantage of the discount. He said, "Sure", and went on to tell me that he was placing my order for MobileMe. I asked about billing, and I said "oh, so you'll just bill the same credit card?".

The response? "No, I'm going to fill this order at no charge to you. You had to sit on hold twice, and I see that we didn't make the offer very clear on our website, so to make up for your inconvenience, we'll cover the cost."

What can I say? Cool! This is getting to be a lot of fun!

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I had a similar experience. When I ordered my iPad, I also ordered the case and the camera connection kit. iPad came on time, as did the case. The connection kit shipped, but was hung up in Hong Kong. I called Customer Service, and explained that the kit was in Hong Kong when it was supposed to be delivered that day, and that if it wasn't, it would have to be rerouted because we were leaving the next day.

Rep explained that FedEx was having a problem getting them to the US, because they didn't have room on the planes for both the iPads and the accessories! She also said that rerouting in-transit was a bit of a crap-shoot, so she added another connection kit to my order, going to the correct address, for no charge.

As it turns out, the rerouting request did work, so now I have two camera kits waiting for me. ;)

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