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Maybe Biden can explain this?


Biden, Dems enlisted by energy company to win billion-dollar loan deal, emails show

The White House contends that all energy loan guarantees, including the more than $500 million given to now-bankrupt solar firm Solyndra, are awarded solely on the merits of the project, with no political influence from President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden or other administration officials.

But a series of emails from solar power giant BrightSource Energy Inc. show how the company applied political pressure and used behind-the-scenes cajoling to win a $1.6 billion loan guarantee in April 2011.

“Calls are in to Biden’s staff and I will be approaching the political affairs office at the White House tomorrow as well, as this project could benefit two senators who are in cycle and whose races will be tough next year — [Barbara] Boxer and the Majority Leader, Sen. Reid,” he wrote in the message to BrightSource CEO John Woolard.

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The American people deserve to know whether Vice President Biden, his staff or other White House political personnel were involved in the decision to provide hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to companies the administration already knew to be in trouble,” he said. “Congress has yet to fully explore” the issue.


More greenie corruption and funneling money to the campaign contributors, bundlers and 'friends' of the Obama/Biden team.

Greenie payola

Harry Reid connection, too

You paid 1.6 billion for loan guarantees so Hairy Reed would get re-elected, and the 'associates' of the Obama /Biden team would 'clean up' 'risk free' courtesy of you, the taxpayer.


Maybe tonight Biden can answer for this and other greenie questions, like buying Volts for embassies instead of security?

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