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Let me spread some more fertilizer on the fools garden.
Anybody that would listen to a fool will soon be parted of thine money so beware of certain stocks.
I own some as an investment but would not suggest you buy a single share. My only reason to buy this stock is because it is a rec by valueLine so it has credability and naturally being such a yochem for a name like J.B. you just have to like it just like bullfrogs and the other stuff bollweevils enjoy in arkansas.
Hope I have satisfactorily planted my garden.
Keep those weeds at bay.
Now I am so much in jovial ascent due to the allowance of such a prestigious BBS as the to relinquious me with the permission to plant my garden.

Well golly gee thank you you'all.

Attent hump, jump Fools, forward march, and make some
money buying those stocks.

Bye you'all
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The market looked real nice today until the purveyor of doom clinton came on and started speaking. I noticed a new indicator it is called the clinton speech, lately as he bables in his yokem arkansas twang the market declines. At the peak of his speech where he asks to answer any questions he made a major Freudian slip.
Gasp, It was either Wolf Blitzer or Sam Donaldson that asked clinton if he was going to fire Starr.
Clinton answered by saying "hire Starr?" then he started to laugh at his blunder which was a perfect freud slip and the dow dropped almost 50 points.
Hey everytime clinton makes a speech maybe I'll short the dow futures market for 15 minutes. Looks like a postive negative so how come nobody asked him if he fired monica?
JB Hunt closed up 9/16 today guess the good ol boys
like the big rigs. Maybe it is time to buy more or maybe I'll take my money to another casino.
The stock market is the biggest casino I ever seen.
Bigger than any gamimg and shucks I keep making moolah on the likes of JBHT and other stocks that make a few pennies and trade for many dollars.
Man, people are stupid to buy the stocks of companies and run up their market caps into the $billions on the promise that the future will bring them all a pot of gold.
But I like to make money and greed is good so I stay invested in the waste pits of the silly market of stocks. Heck this year is my BEST year ever.
They should have asked the gorilla to throw a dart and pick the winner for '98. I am sure the publicity would have made a top winner!
But the gorilla was too smart for the humans, she unplugged the phone line. Even a gorilla knows how to say screw you.
Well best of luck as all fools are shareholders.
I remain a stump broke boll weevil holding JB Hunt.
Bye you'all
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JBHT up 7/8 today at 32 1/2

You all have to check out this new f*cking stock!!!
Look at DHI stands for D.R. Horton otherwise known
as horton hears a who in Dr. Seuss.

This sucker drops from 24 to 17 1/2 in my opinion
I figure the market makers are shorting it.
They sold millions of shares up to 24 and then they
somehow manage to drop it to 17 1/2 and they are
buying back today.
Guess what I bought today too!
Fibonacci retracements come in at 19 11/16.
Yes and that is only the first retracement.
I am sure nobody on here knows what I am talking about.

But if DHI moves from 17.5 to 19.6 in the next couple
of days it will confirm me.

Shucks and DHI comes from Arkansas originally just
like the other good ol boy JB HUNT.

Q: How come all the good stocks are from the Clinton

Answer: Please reply.
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Hmm pretty close on the retracement on DHI I have it down to 19.60 and the high today was 19 7/16.
Not too shabby a profit in a stock market.
JB Hunt looks weak so I guess the long term investment strategy will work for the long term holders.
Man, clinton only dropped the market 14 points today.
But the shorters held on to the close and made some BIG bucks anyhow you'all.
I liked the first question about monica, how much did the prez pay betty to ask that question?
The Scents of political cow poop.
Then Clinton makes another Freudian slip after donaldson and blitzer gang up and start firing
their questions.
Clinton calls starr "mr. Kendall" had me shaking
my head. Guest he hates him like church lady
Thank the clinton for my stocks up this year,
yes sir eah bubba.
I don't care if he had sex with zebras as long as
my stocks go up like JBHT etc.

Speaking of zebras, on yahoo you can search bestiality and find for free sex with zebras.
Amazin' web buy stocks by day and watch lady have sex with lobster at night!

I'll leave my tip for tomarrow as soon as I figure it all out.
In the meantime beware of monica bearing gifts!

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