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Sup Fools, NEW SMALL CAP BOARD, RIGHT ON !! I like small caps because I think if your can find a relativly new company with strong numbers and a good product, managed sharply, sweet returns will follow. Here are five that I've come across that I think might fit the bill. I'm new at this and still learning so any comments or analysis on these would be kick ass.

BDY - Bradley Pharmaceuticals
BLTI - Biolase Technology Inc
LOJN - LoJack Corp
LWAY - Lifeway Foods Inc
SHRP - Sharper Image Corp


P.S Whats with the china internet stocks SOHU SINA etc. Talk of price minipulaterin, affiliates being shut down through porn crackdown. I was excited about the, "china connection" at first with its massive numbers but now I'm not so sure. Does anyone have any recent info on the growth of Chinese web usage ?
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I'm fairly new to investing too. I've stashed my retirement savings in low cost mutual funds while I experiment with small cash in stocks to see how far my stock picking abilities are coming. Eventually, I think I'll probably be all stocks but for now, I don't mind paying the small fee for an experienced manager who knows what he or she is doing...

Small caps look interesting... they are also good for stock picking lessons since they do not have as much analyst coverage as large or mid caps so you pretty much have to do your own research.

Talking abt research... I dug up BDY, SFCC and DYII while they were all trading in the high teens. I was really hesitant about buying my first stock and kept reading and reading... BDY changed its name (from BPRX_ so when that old sticker came up dead... i thought it was no good only to see the actual sticker was enjoying a lot of publicity... anyway, gave up on that. I decided to focus on SFCC and DYII. I set a price target for SFCC at $18 while it was trading at $21 (2 mondays ago), the stock is now almost $30, never made it to $18 so I gave up on it. The day I decide to buy DYII (Monday), it was named by fortune as number 9 fastest growing company, the stock has jumped from $20 to $25 in the last 3 days... i've given up on that too... it takes the fun out of learning when you have a cheery consensus.., it's probably still undervalued but I'd rather put my small cash to test in unknown lands.

My new find is LWAY, I found it when it was under $9, the stock has run up to $11+ in the last 3 days. I compared it to other companies (using Quicken tools) in the milk industry and it's far superior (low debt, high ROE, scores higher than 87% of companies in investability, two record quarters in a row). Anyway, I took the plunge and bought it yesterday. LWAY fails 2 of the foolish 8 screen (87% relative strngth (>=90 required, low insider holdings, but it passes all the others). LOJN showed up on one of my screens, I don't remember why I did not pay too much attention to it.

Although I have missed out on some great investments so far, I'm getting excited about how well some of my would-be investments have done. I'm not in ahurry to make big bucks right now.

Hope we get a bigger audience on this board... great topic
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