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Hey kahunacfa,

So we meet on yet another board, eh?

It's weird... I heard about BEAR a while back, took a quick glance at them as a potential investment, and then just continued on my merry way without a second thought. Then just now, on another non-finance-related message board, somebody had mentioned that they just received a VT bear and she totally loves it. Of course, that brought me here... and lo and behold, a recently-opened message board!

Just took another quick glance at BEAR and its website. Interesting little company. I may someday take a little nibble on some shares. Or not.

Looks like they only have an online presence, though you can visit their factory in VT to take a little tour and even make one yourself (privately-held basket-maker Longaberger does this, as well... though they have a direct selling salesforce, sorta like Avon). Who knows if they'll ever venture into (make-your-own) retail stores.

Never heard of BBW until now. Just checked them out. Different business models. If I had to choose one, I'd probably go with BEAR. Besides, BBW just recently IPO'ed, and I'm a bit leery of that, in this case.

BEAR's TastyGram thing and PajamaGram (or whatever it is) sounds pretty cool, too, actually. As silly as it may sound, heh. Neat alternative to delivered flowers.

I'll probably keep loose tabs on this one.

Good luck to any and all shareholders here!

; )
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