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So I bought into Great Panther Silver at 97 cents back in September on all of the research done by Sinchi. Not enough props can be sent his way IMO.

I have a fairly large stake in GPL... representing 3.5x a normal position for me.... when they got slammed on Tuesday I got pissed, and sold some other stuff, increasing my position from 2.5x to 3.5x... I just didn't see much of a reason for such a beating... I do think there are some risks associated with the stock, but I think the upsides are much greater given the current economic and monetary environments we're staring at.

Huge props to the MF Team for creating this board within minutes of the request... you just don't see that kind of response in the "real" world.

Love reading the blogs, just figured this might be a better way of centralizing GPL musings... I'll post more over the weekend and try to get the word out for those that may be interested.

Long silver with positions in GPL, SLW and physical
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AFF, hi. Note that the Great Panther co has news today of a delay in assays. Thought I'd let you know as we just got out at a loss. It hasn't been our month. Glad when May is over.
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Definately agree that these guys will continue to remain choppy... high volatility... and in this market, that could mean 5-10% on a not great day... I'm holding for a longer timeframe, so add on dips, and expect to ride it out for a while... good luck

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