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"I'm sorry, but what in the posts leads you to believe that I would make the Autobahn more dangerous?
Again what in the posts leads you to think that I was not accepting the RESPONSIBILITY of adhering to a set of rules for save driving?"

I'm German and drove on the Autobahn for 10+ years. What you did is more than reckless. It is borderline to a criminal offense. A couple of months ago a Mercedes engineer(in a company car)was convicted because of reckless driving. The part of the Autobahn he was driving on had no speed limit. During the trial they showed that he was averaging almost 180km/h, i.e. 112mph for the whole trip. The traffic conditions at the time did not allow that without endangering others. A slower car was in the process of changing lanes to pass a truck. Halfway into the passing lane they saw the Mercedes already very close to them and approaching at an estimated 250 km/h (155mph). The mother driving the car thought they would crash, overreacted and drove off the Autobahn. She and her daughter died.

"Staying in the far right lane I start passing cars."
I hope you are confusing right and left and you didn't actually do this.
The further right a lane the slower the traffic. For passing you have to use a lane on the left to the car you want to pass. Passing on the right is a major offense to German traffic rules. How can you claim
"RESPONSIBILITY of adhering to a set of rules for save driving" if you don't even know the rules??? This is true of the second remark as well:
"You cannot flash if you are trying to get a car out of the way, but you can do it to let others know you are going really fast." No. You are not allowed to flash you lights at other cars for this purpose. I know that some German drivers do it but that does not mean it is legal.

"I really had to control myself on the very few occasions that people didn't get out of the way from passing on the left like you would do in the states."
Confusing right an left again??? What's your educational background??

"This time we have to put the brakes on hard a few times, since some cars are pulling out in front and there is a little more traffic with trucks. It is amazing to go from 250 km to about 100 km in a matter of microseconds with ABS almost kicking in."
Yes, and it is amazing how little ABS helps if a car driving at 120km/h (75mps) pulls out in front of you because he underestimated the speed you are going at and you crash into him. This statement tells me that the traffic conditions you were in did not allow the kind of driving you did.

"After about 20 sec at 280 I left off the gas completely, big mistake. It seemed like the car almost got out of control not something you really want to do at that speed."
And you claim that you did not make the Autobahn more dangerous??? You have no experience driving at high speed and do little experiments like this almost losing control of the car! Geeesh. That's why everybody in Germany has to take at least 20 driving lessons with a certified instructor before they can get their driving license. It takes a couple of months and costs a minimum of $2000.

"The way I figured it, it didn't really matter if we crashed at anything above 150 KM, which is 93 mph."
Suicidal??? The Autobahn is built for high speed driving. Statistically your chances of surviving a crash at 150 km/h on the autobahn are probably higher than for a crash at 65mph on an US highway.

"the back end slides and the front goes a little also. Lucky for me there was another lane there and we were not on the main part of the Autobahn."
That's what I call responsible driving. Obviously you had full control of the car all the time and knew that luck would be on your side so that there was no car in the other lane. I agree that this a perfect example of responsible and save driving without any danger for other cars on the road.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm in no way against fast driving. But just like I should not go out surfing 20 feet waves (not even 10 feet) here in San Diego you should not be driving 170mph on the Autobahn in Germany. Gain some experience how to steer at these speeds, how the car handles, how to watch out for other cars, etc. The next time you want to feel an adrenaline rush through high speed driving please go to a race track. There are some here in the San Diego area so you don't even have to fly to Germany.


P.S.: Take a look at
I grew up less than 20 miles from the Porsche factory in Stuttgart. I used to play tennis with a test driver from Porsche and a couple of times we drove (he drove, I held on with sweaty hands)in a 959 racing version called 961. He never quite reached the 200mph (because traffic would not allow it, even on an early Sunday morning) but we got very, very close to it.
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