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> Contrary to popular belief, Social Security as
> it was originally designed, and largely serves
> as today, is an insurance system.

Absolutely false. It was designed as a wealth
transfer system- taking money from current
workers and transfering it to retirees. You
admit so yourself later in your posting when
you point out that private accounts would hasten
the bankruptcy of the SS system.

> He [Gore] plans on using the budget surplus to
> pay down the national debt and then to put the
> money saved from not having to pay interest on
> that debt into Social Security. While no one
> gives him credit for it, this proposal is
> somewhat radical and here's why. Social Security,
> since its inception, has always been paid by
> payroll taxes. Gore is proposing to inject
> general revenues (i.e. non payroll tax funding)
> into the system.

The government is currently taking the cash-flow
surplus from social security and spending it as
part of the general budget. Gore's proposal
basically boils down to him suggesting that the
money should be paid back. Hardly a proposal--
it more like an existing obgligation-- unless
you want to argue that the full faith and credit
of the U.S. government does not apply to the
"special" treasury bonds that social security
currently invests in.

Before Social Security and all the other Big Brother
government programs came into being, people didnt
worry about retirement, day care, and the like.
We used to have families. Parent's cared for
children, then those children cared for the parents
in their old age-- while the now grandparents
provided day care when the new kids were young.
"Extended" families were also around to help.
Occasionally, friends and neighbors would also
pitch in with some help.

Somehow we as a society have forgotten how to
take care of ourselves-- and we have become
entirely dependent on big government to solve
every problem. Just like welfare was originally
intended to be a safety net, and ended up being
a way of life, so many other government programs
have made people absolutely dependent on government
in order to survive. You need only look at the
stunning success of the U.S. (in its early years)
and the failure of USSR, Cuba, etc to realize
how foolish (lowercase "f") it is to expect
someone else to take care of you.

People's feelings about reforming Social Security
seem to mirror their beliefs on federalism and
big central government dictating a uniform solution.
What made the United States such a great country
was our ability to merge peoples (imigrants) from
all over the world and to try many new ideas--
some of which worked, some of which didnt work--
but on average the ones that worked dwarfed those
that did not on a scale never before seen.
The countries we left behind in "the old world"
relied on central planning-- in most cases by
very caring and well intentioned governments--
and those same countries are now in a race to
privatize their economies and become more like
the U.S. Meanwhile, the U.S. has become ever
more socialist, expecting Uncle Sam to take
over the "burden" of thinking and working for
ourselves. How sad.
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