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Big win for gun-rights groups: Federal appeals court tosses state ban on carrying concealed weapons

IL has 180 days to come up with concealed carry legislation....

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It's sure to be "may issue", but that would be good in a way. Illinois/Chicago are insane enough to draft the most unconstitutional laws (handgun bans... really?!?), fight them all the way to the Supreme Court, get their keisters handed to them and change gun laws nationwide, for the better! They were responsible for the Second Amendment being incorporated against the states, after all.

So if they pass "may issue" in as egregious a manner as possible (which, this being Illinois is pretty much a given) and they lose in court (again, another given) they could force all states to enact "shall issue" laws, meaning that local gun boards/sheriffs won't be able to deny law-abiding citizens their right to keep and bear arms. California's "may issue" law would go bye-bye, and those people living on the coasts wouldn't have to come up with some ridiculous excuse as to why they should be permitted by the government to exercise their inherent rights.

This should be fun to watch! If anyone needs popcorn just hit me up with a private e-mail and I'll give you a link to support my son's Cub Scout pack, lol!
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