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1- Windows 8 works on both tablets and PCs. Those of us who have used it for a few hours (or more) got comfortable with it really fast. It is actually kinda nice with the tiles in the background. There is no OS like Win8 anywhere. My hunch is that it's gonna be a home run with the younger generations, but the oldies will adopt it too.

MS has a tablet with a dumbed-down version of Win8 and will release the full version in january I think. I'm definitely an android guy, but I'll definitely try the new surface when it comes out.

2-Everyone keeps saying how CPU power isn't important now that everything is in "the cloud", but they keep forgetting that nothing is magic. You device actually has to run the code, even if it is downloaded from a remote server and doesn't reside on your device. Most people also forget that "the cloud" is really just a bunch of datacenters with, you guessed it, mostly intel CPUs.

The biggest cost as far as datacenter goes is energy. The CPUs burn a lot, and you need to cool that thing down. So a powerfull CPU with low power consumption is really your best asset as far as cloud computing goes. Guess which processors deliver the best computing power/KW ? Yep, Intel's latest line.

3-As far as PCs goes, maybe the consumer market will move towards tablets a bit, I myself prefer my laptop at home (intel still provides the best CPUs for laptops). But there's no way I'd ever work on a tiny 10 inches screen. I'm a programmer and I spend 8+ hours/day behind my screen, and I currently use a dual 23 inches display setup. I'm fairly certain a lot of people are like me. Anyone who program computers or uses CAD tools on a daily basis can't get enough of "real estate". And for us, nailed to our desk, keeping a big desktop box is no problem, it's not like we're gonna move those giant monitors anyway.

There is still a big market for x64 chipsets. Maybe desktop sales will go down quite a bit, but there's just no way laptops, desktops and datacenters vanish into thin air in a near future. And Intel is still way ahead in all those categories.
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