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>> The New England Aquarium says the 1-pound female lobster has an orange side and a black side, with the colors split perfectly down the middle.
The rare lobster is known as a split. ... Officials say such rare Halloween coloration is estimated to occur once in every 50 million lobsters. <<

Picture at the link.

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It happens sometimes in cats and dogs also. One half their face will be one color and the other half another. Very interesting. I think it has something to do with co-dominance or incomplete dominance of genes.

Picture of a cat with half one color half another:

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Here is another example of how something like this can happen. It's called chimerism.

When Two became one:

"Tests eventually showed Jane was a chimera - her mother had been pregnant with non-identical twins who had fused together in the womb to make one person."

Or like my momma used to say, "truth is stranger than fiction."

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