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In my last thread, PaintItBlue teased that maybe I was supposed to have tiled the bathroom...

Can't get in there just yet to put the new tile in. Have some additional Prep work to finish!

I was able to get the majority of this bathroom fully demo'd this weekend. Still have the tile to pull out, some more sheetrock to go out to the trailer and the tub to be pulled out. Otherwise it is ready for the plumber to come and inspect all the pipes and fix any leaks and for the electrician to get in to the electric. There's one 2" x 2" gang box that has something like 6 sets of romex coming in / out... so that all will have to be sorted and likely changed along with all the old metal boxes coming out and replaced with newer plastic ones.

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sorry, I couldn't resist. :)

Wow, you are ambitious. Is the tub staying?

btw I saw the living room pictures, it looks like it will be really nice when it's done.

- Paint
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Tub goes, we're looking for a nice light almond colored one now. Likely to be a special order since none of the big box stores carry almond in store... at least that we've seen.

So this weekend's projects include:

-Run to the dump with the trailer and empty it
-Pick out baseboard and stain to match tile and start the staining process
-Hammer out the remaining old tile
-Pick up whatever parts electrician and plumber need
-Potentially get concrete backer and green board sheet rock hung in bathroom assuming that electrician and plumber have both given their blessing

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