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I am relatively new to dividends. I purchased HAS on 3-19-10.

The info that I think I am seeing is that if you are a stock holder as of 5-3-10, then you would receive the dividend payout on 5-17-10 (yesterday). My account still says I have the same amount of shares as originally purchased and no info on a dividend payout due.

Am I reading this wrong? Do I have the wrong dates?

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I think you have your dates correct... I received my dividend and reinvested shares yesterday.

A couple of potential scenarios to consider. First, are you sure that you are enrolled in a dividend reinvestment program ("DRIP")? Each brokerage has a different way for setting these up, but it typically isn't the default setting on your account. I'd suggest checking your brokerage account's transaction history to see if you got a cash dividend; if so, you need to figure out how to enroll HAS (or your entire account if that is an option) in a DRIP for future dividends.

Second, it is possible that your brokerage takes a day or two to reflect account activity. I've only ever used E-Trade and Wells Fargo which don't have that issue, but it is certainly a possibility.

Hopefully one of those two is the answer. If that's not the case and you don't see cash or shares in the next couple days I'd send an email to your brokerage's customer service... you should get the dividend!

Hope that helps,
Long HAS
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