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hat makes you think these 2 posts and the one from Health & Nutrition weren't FA'd?

I don't doubt that they were......which'd be the opposite of TMF "yanking" them for whatever reason outside of someone FA-ing them, right??

No. You are putting words in my mouth and feigning ignorance of my use of the common vernacular of "yanking" in lieu of specifying FA'd. This from someone who regularly "thangs" and "vernacularizes" thruout her posts is sending my irony meter into the red zone.

C'mon Vee, you've been on these boards since 1999. I have a hard time believing someone of your intelligence thinks "yanking" and FA'ing are antonyms, not synonyms. Give me a break. They were "yanked" because they were FA'd. The only time they might be "yanked" without an FA is for obscene language. But the nanny filter stops most of those. If a TMF'r saw on that didn't get caught (especially if creatively done with symbols not letters), they would pull it without an FA. But there are no, or almost no, TMF "board strollers" compared to the "good ol' days" before the "pay-to-play" fiasco. So no TMF'r is monitoring this board for civility.

I don't recall any obscene language in your 3975 post, best that memory serves me. But I do recall finding your post offensive and a personal attack on the OP, not just a difference of opinion. In case you should ask, I was not the one to FA it. I rolled my eyes, thought "Gawd, there goes Vee again being nasty, jeez that's worse than usual" and clicked next.

You also aren't in my p•box. No one is. A couple over the years for a couple of weeks at a time has been about it. Once the signal-to-noise ratio is better, they're out.

There have been many times you've given useful, scientific info. But, lawd woman!, please lay off the vitriol. And stop trying so hard to be the strong-arm-of-the-law for traditional medicine. We get it. You don't hold alternative or complementary medicine in high regard. The rest of us that would like to explore these avenues and share our anecdata, one of the purposes for the initiation of the board, would appreciate it.

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