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***Have you tried several different mood stabilizer meds over the years? Maybe you need a different doctor?

Oh, yeah, that's NEVER occurred to me. *eyeroll*



***I have had 4 shrinks. The first 3 were no help (over about a 5 year period). The last two worked together on my case. They changed my meds cocktail a few times . . . and arrived at a combo that seems to work well for me now. Both of them said that I am very hard to medicate.

***Maybe Ishtar needs a new shrink that can come up with a new med cocktail for you. I would be happy to tell you what my regimen is . . .but i guess you should email me or PM for that info. Maybe it is too personal for me to post here??? I don't know. I am erroring on the side of caution by not posting my 'private info' as reccd by many on this forum. Anyway . . . it is a money forum, not a BP forum. However, I am curious as to what meds and dosages you take to manage your BP. But if you don't want to share that with me, I understand.

***You can't see it on this forum because as noted before . . . many get 'brave' (or in my case - 'stupid' would be better word) when they are on the keyboard . . . yet when you visit with them in public, face to face, they do not act the same stupid way as they did on the keyboard. That is me.

The stress of marriage, job, and our finances has made me hypo-manic. I'm coming down (thank goodness). I think part of the coming down is awareness (people are the forum saying . . . "Dude . . . you are an $ss-hole..." When enough say it, i listen), plus the insights that others have given me that the wife's self-employment very well could be a great plan in our lives and for me to give it a chance. That brought my hopeless self up a bit.

I will write saner from now on or I will not write at all. Feel free to call me out if I am writing as a 'crazed man' again. BTW, crazy does not mean physical dangerous. I have never harmed anyone physical . . . but yeah, I know. Emotionally is just as bad. Sorry wife.

I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth. It stayed golden as I was an adult. I didn't get married until I was like 38 . . . all the way until then, the golden spoon remained. Now that it has turned into a dirt spoon (NOT WIFE'S or FAMILY's FAULT - I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR FINANCIAL MESS) . . . it has me really freaked out. It would be analogous to if you always drove a brand new Mercedes and then the next day the Mercedes quit running (and maybe even disappeared) and was replaced with a 30 year old Hugo. That would take some getting
used to. ALA me with this DEBT mountain. I have never had one before.
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