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He over-estimated his reading audience.

No, it's worse than that. The vast majority of people never read it at all of course. Most that did read it certainly understood it, but one side decided to twist it to mean something entirely different, presented that version to the media and that is what most people who didn't read it took it to mean. To this day plenty of those most incensed by the Dem version of it have never read it, I guarantee that. They bought into the lie because the lie is the only version they've heard.

Think about all those inner-city votes in Detroit that went for 0bama. I promise you most of them didn't read it. They many couldn't because they are functionally illiterate! I kid you not, a huge chunk of the Detroit population is functionally illiterate. The schools in Detroit churn out graduates who can't read (and most kids drop out before they graduate!) They get liberal crap drilled into their heads 24/7/365 at home and at school.

There's no denying it, just look and listen to what goes in there! Anytime there is a fiscal problem (which in Detroit means EVERY DAY) and some entity tries to help (whether it be the state of Michigan with consent agreements or Emergency Managers installed by a Dem governor trying to fix the school system or regional groups offering to help with infrastructure) you get the same response: "The white devils are trying to steal from us again!" EVERY TIME!

They literally believe in some Marxist-utopian-liberation-theology that the evil Capitalist forces (all old white dudes) are trying to steal all the riches in Detroit. DETROIT! Have you SEEN Detroit? THERE ARE NO RICHES TO STEAL! All the "riches" that were there were stolen... but buy the corrupt d-bags they've been electing for decades! Kwame Kilpatrick is on trial in Federal Court at this very moment for doing just that!

No, these people did not misread Romney's missive. They never read it at all. They've been conditioned since Day One to believe the most insane, anti-capitalist conspiracy theories you can imagine and all the Dems had to do was hint that this is what Romney said and that was more than enough to convince them that he was an evil, evil man.

How do you change that? Well, in Detroit you can't. It's entrenched. Everyone from top to bottom either believes it or relies on others believing it, you couldn't change it if you tried because you'd never be allowed to. They're a lost cause.

But (thankfully) we don't all live in Detroit. No doubt there are some trying to make what is happening in Detroit less odious, liberal appeasers basically. The cities are lost, now the suburbs are the battlegrounds in this culture war. And so far we're losing. Badly. When the liberal idiocy is able to carry the day amongst the literate educated classes we have a major, major problem. They've captured the education system and are using it to indoctrinate kids in order to prepare them to believe this crap.

What can we do? Whatever we can. I'm going to go for that Cubmaster position that's open in my son's pack. Why? While using it for outright political grandstanding would be wrong I can use it to help bolster the American ideals that liberals are completely trying to eradicate. I may only reach 27 kids, but that's 27 kids I can try to get to think beyond stage one (as Sowell would say!), to not buy into liberal/socialist claptrap, to recognize honorable authority, to not take the media's spin as gospel. I want to teach them that "Do your best" means that they'd READ what Romney wrote instead of just taking Team 0bama's word for what he said. If they still disagree that's fine, I can't make them see everything our way, but at the very least they should QUESTION what they're reading/seeing/hearing. They'll learn that Duty to their Country means standing up for the ideals upon which it was founded, not some liberal rehashing of what they'd prefer our ideals to be.

Right before the election I posted a pic on my FB feed, it was along the lines of "Don't vote 0bama, our ancestors left Europe to get away from that crap!" We have a choice, become Europe or remain American. I'll do whatever I can to get as many young people as I can to remain committed Americans. I may lose, but I'll go down swinging instead of sitting back and watching it all go to hell.
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