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Heather -

I've been taking a B complex stress vitamin on and off for years now. I just started taking it again the other day. Found them when my neice was sick and I was looking for the vitamin C. It does seem to help, when I remember to take them.

I'm not sure how the original script was written. It was written by my primary car physician, and I don't submit my CSW bills to the insurance, cause I know they won't cover it.

My allergy prescription is for Claritin D. Used to take seldane D. Worked great! I had lots of energy with them. *g* Too bad they had to take them off the market. (Actually think I still have a bottle around somewhere, think I can sell them on E-bay??) *LOL*

I know my meds are relativly cheap and I shouldn't complain, but it's really hard right now. And I know I need to get a job.

<RANT> If one more person tells me I need to get a job, I'm gonna scream!!!</RANT> Sorry, just had to let that out.

I just need to get my room back together for my sanity sake. It's taking far longer than it should have. And knowing I need to get it done as fast as possible seems to make things worse. I'm procrastinating it because I'm stressed out about it, and I'm depressed about it. And on top of all of it, I keep thinking I don't have time for a job. I have too much to do around here.

Anyway, I should get my butt to bed, so I can get up and start all over again tomorrow.

BTW... I spent a few hours tonight taking care of the tiny kitten my sister brought home and snuck into the house last week. They took off for 6 hours and left the poor thing locked in my neices room. It was meowing so loud I could hear it in the kitchen. I went in and found it had no food, or water. I got a can of kitten food from the fridge, and put some on a fork, because I knew they were feeding it with a baby bottle, so I wasn't sure it would eat. When it started chewing on the fork tines I decided I should put some in it's dish. Also mixed it up some kitten formula, and gave it some of that. I put him/it back in the box, and he kept crawling out, so I brought him upstairs where I was working so he wouldn't be lonely, but then I had to spend half my time keeping her other cat away from it, because he was growling and hissing at it. So...I didnt get as much done as I'd wanted.

And...I told my dad about the kitten and he wasn't all to happy. Of course he didnt say a thing to my sister when she got home. He had told me earlier to tell her he was allergic to cats. (which is untrue...we've always had cats in the house.) I told him to tell her himself.

I know it's hard to understand, but everyday it's something different. I know I should just ignore all the goings on and concentrate on myself, but I really can't let the animals suffer, so I end up taking care of them. I mean it's not their fault.

anyway...I guess I'm just babbling now.... I'm over tired, and depressed. (and I just realized I didn't take my med this evening.) grr...

To sleep, perchance to dream..... of sugar plums and fairy things....
of wonderous plans and sparkling wings frighten off the evil things.

( it ain't shakespeare...or ts eliot...or...*yawn* )

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