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Ok so a 15% increase all day and not one post to this board, oh well, it really doesn't matter because probably like anyone else who owns this stock I was off celebrating and trying to figure out how HIGH it would go. I LOVE JBX!!!!!!!!!
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Don't just cheerlead tell us why you think it will go higher. Then follow that up with what price you think it will go to based on some numbers. :) Looking forward to seeing your report.
Sincerely, Greg
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Good point, Here's what I think.....

I have been a Jack in the Box fan since I was a kid and am still a fan. JBX is a great company simply because they are safe and keep me calm when my other companies are all over the place. JBX has said for years that they are commited to growth however slow and steady,(Sounds like a familiar Aesop Fable to me). Anyway, JBX is a much better investment IMO than MCD or WEN in that JBX has so much more room to grow. I mean, Im in Chicago and the closest I beleive they are is in Nashville, TN!!!! Whereas, MCD and WEN are everywhere.

JBX is also always trying new things. Right now they just opened up two new restaurants in San Diego that are completely different than any JBX out there, I love this type of thinking by managment because it shows that they are trying to come up with new ideas for growth. Sure, as I stated earlier they have a ton of room to still grow but what makes me smile even more is that they want to expand, not only the fast food restaurants, but they are thinking of ways to expand new ideas. The food is another place that they like to try and switch around. Unlike MCD where you know what is on the menu everytime you show up, JBX has different items on the menu every other month, sometimes sooner. They are also involved in integrating the fast food restaurant into highway truck stops. Great idea if you ask me but I honestly haven't heard much about that idea in a while.

JBX is my safe bet. They are commited to slow and steady growth while trying new things, this keeps the consumer interested in their product and its a damn good product if you ask me (mmmm...supreme favorite).

This is from Reuters:

San Diego-based Jack in the Box boosted its earnings to a range of 42 cents to 44 cents per share for the second quarter ending April 11, from 28 cents. The year-earlier profit was 44 cents a share.

Jack in the Box also estimated second-quarter same-store sales would be up 7.5 percent, above its earlier forecast ranging from 4 percent to 4.5 percent. The company recently launched several sandwiches and is evaluating a new restaurant concept that features an upgraded menu and new decorations.

Based on the earning report that came out today and banking on an even better earnings report on May 12, I can see the stock to be right up there with the big boys at $35-$40/share. It could possibly be higher and I'll tell you what, I'll be right there with them :)!!!!


P.S. Going to Vegas next week!! I'll finally be able to have a Supreme Croissant again since JBX has yet to find a home in Chicago!!!
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