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Hi to all of you flying enthusiasts! I finally got my PP license last June after wanting to do it since I was, say, 10? Haven't had a chance to fly much the past two months because I've been finishing my basement, but I plan to go back up just as soon as I can.

A "I'm-glad-I-decided-to-go-that-route" point: When I was looking at starting my training, I had a choice between a local non-towered airport's flight school, or the military base's flying club school. The base obviously competed with military aircraft (not much of a competition), and therefore, a student could spend a considerable amount of time awaiting takeoff/landing clearances, wake turbulence avoidance time requirements and taxiing clearances, while the Hobbes meter was spinning away. There were also several runways, and if you ever had to taxi to the opposite side, it could take you 15-20 minutes or so until you were airborne after engine start-up.

The uncontrolled airport, in comparison, had one runway, approximately 4200', so no competition with jets, and one could be airborne 5 minutes after start-up. The 152 trainers at the small airport were newer, and nicer than the base's as well.

In the end, I ended up deciding to go with flying out of the base's flying club. I figured the experience of radio communications with the tower/ground/approach would be invaluable, not to mention the airspace rules put into practice. It was extremely intimidating trying to get a request/position report out without screwing up some part of it. Maybe I would have gotten some experience with the radio at the smaller field, but I was inundated with radio transmissions from day1, rather than having to "seek out" instances in which to use the radio.

That's just my experience/opinion. Great to find this board.
Have a good day!

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I have actually thought about that (the radio aspect) with my training, but the school I am at tends to cover that a lot during the cross-country phase. Also, I got some practice in the wake of Sept 11, when for a short time we had to check in with BWI's tower all the time.

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