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Hello College Fools!
I just found this board last night, and thought Id introduce myself. My name is Neal and I am a sophomore at Texas Tech University. I am an RA and I am also the VP for an investment club here on campus. There is nothing really too special about me, and this intro is becoming more corny by the second. Blah, Blah, Blah...just thought Id say howdy. I'm hoping to be posting more here in the near future.


DAMN! That was corny...sorry
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Hey Nealer,

I was over near Tech the other day. Good to have you on the board.

Learning something new and contributing too.
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I partied with some UT KA frat guys in Austin last semester. It was a 'wild west' theme, how creative! You Texas college people should really consider beer that doesn't taste like urine. We Florida Gators understand this concept.

Just kidding ^_^

Oh, and hey.
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