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...hello value investing chaps in the US. I am a deep value investor (think Klarman, Schloss) from the UK and I have just started investing in the US market after many years of using motley fool uk and contributing to the value board there.

We have a really cool wesite called in the UK which allows you to screen for all kinds of value measures like net net, tbv and a host of others. It is excellent.

My question is do you have the US equivalent over here? I have had a look at Morning Star which looks OK and I was wondering whether you could recommend anything else. Also, I am using the Edgar database for 10ks etc at the moment. Do you experienced US investors know of a more user friendly source of basic 10k/annual report stuff or a catch all newswire source (we have one called in the UK which has every announcement for every UK listing and is very user friendly).

I do appreciate your help. I feel a bit of a scumbag asking as I have yet to contribute a good idea to the US site. However, I certainly will when I am up and running.

If I can reciprocate to any US investors wanting to look at the UK market for value ideas, very happy to do so. Thanks PP
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Hi profplum,

I am also from England and started a board here in the TMF US 'Dynamic Value Investing'.

You might try

They have an excellent product :-

Also :-

Is excellent for news.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks manucastle. Are you some kind of extraordinary Man Utd and Newcastle fan? That must be the football equivalent of a tiger/chicken halfbreed. Interesting...
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I am that halfbreed :O)
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If you're looking for a good screener, is probably one of the best. It lets you screen by pretty much any metric, from value oriented fundamental data to technical chart patterns. Very useful. I'm also enamored with Not a screening tool, but it charts out all of the fundamental data for the last several years so you can see how current levels compare to historical. You can also compare tickers.
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