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I got home and started putting groceries away. Where the heck was that wonderful Bear Creek Farms dry minestrone soup mix? Ugh. Must have left a bag there on that revolving sack thing. I called the service desk to see if a forgotten bag was returned. (Yes, two.) Did one have a dry soup mix in it? (Yes.) Could I tell her what else I noticed missing? (I drew a blank.) Did I keep my receipt? (No,).. threw it away on the way out since I knew I'd gotten everything. Can you come in right away to talk about it? (See you in 15 minutes.)

I flunked the "what else" test in person as cold as I did over the phone. "You left 3 items, sir.". (expectant look, no answer). "Let me help you."

"What do you drink in the morning?" Coffee. DING! "Think what goes good with cheese or soup?". Saltine crackers. DING! She was laughing and so was I. "If you're married, your wife might need these to take off her makeup?". The test was over. I've seen her do this a lot....cotton balls. DING, DING!!

Most enjoyable experience ever at the WMT service desk!

--spl, on senior moment Sunday. :-(
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When something great like that happens to me, particularly at WMT, I go online and send a message to corporate praising that employee. All too often, people only send negative messages. I can assure you that employee, hopefully through her manager, will be recognized.

Donna (done this many times at various establishments)
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I did something like that only it was swim diapers and sandals for Charley on our way to the water park this summer when Chylar was visiting.

We got all the way up to Gurnee and realized that while Gary was putting Charley in the car seat, I grabbed the diaper bag and my purse, Chylar grabbed her bags of stuff and put the cart away, and none of us picked up the bag of swim diapers that we had just purchased.
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