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Hi all,

I'm trying to setup my brokerage account, and when filling the W8-BEN form I see the term “Capacity in which acting” that appears in last part of the form. I've seen this term in other forms as well and in the IRS web site, but I can't find any explanation on what I'm supposed to write there.

I guess you guys here as fellow aliens have filled this form many times. Should I write something in this part or just leave it blank.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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<insert usual disclaimer about not playing a tax expert on TV>

There's a general guide to the W8-BEN form here;

The section IV part is here;

reading this, you have to be one of the following to sign
"Form W-8BEN must be signed and dated by the beneficial owner of the income, or, if the beneficial owner is not an individual, by an authorized representative or officer of the beneficial owner."

So I figure you get to choose between something like
- "Beneficial Owner"
- "authorized representative"
- or "Company Secretary" (or director, etc

Hope this helps

peter xyz
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