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I've been playing some computer opponenets and apparently there are some really basic strategies I'm just plain missing. Frankly, it's getting a little frustrating losing game after game.

So I was hoping maybe someone would have pity on my and give me some pointers. I really don't know what I'm missing. So I'll just post a game with my thoughts and let you all have at it.

Please try not to laugh too loudly. ;-)

I'm playing white. My thoughts are in parenthesis. I hope I'm getting the notation correct.

1. e4 (gotta start with something. This gives the Q and white bishop a way out) a5
2. d3 (lets the black bishop out as well) b5
3. f3 d5 (we can trade pawns if he likes)
4. Bf4 (let's start to get the other pieces into the center of the board) f5
5. h4 (make room for the castle) d xe4 (lost my first pawn. I could take that pawn two ways, but then I'll just lose another. I'll leave it for now. If he takes on of the pawns I can take that pawn without losing another in the process)
6. Rh3 (let's get this piece out) Q d4
7. Rh1 (that's the only way I see to protect the knight) Q xb2 (Uh oh. I'm going to lose a knight or a rook.)
8. Nd2 (move the knight out of harm's way and protect the rook with the queen.) xf3 (the pawn trade I was waiting for)
9. xf3 (I could do Rb1 and force a move of the queen, but I'd rather open up the right side of the board first.) a4
10. Bh3 (anticipating taking the pawn at f5 and getting control of that quadrant of the board.) h5
11. Bxf5 (to complete the plan) Bxf5 (rats. I didn't see that possibility. You think that might be something to work on??)
12. Bxc7 (a bit of an opportunistic move. I can always retreat back at the next move.) Qc3
13. Be5 (get the Bishop out of harm's way - I doubt they'll trade the Queen for my knight) Qxe5 check (I did it again. Forgetting to see where else the queen can go. I should have moved the bishop to f4)
14. Ne2 (again, I'll trade a knight for the queen) Qb2 (back here again)
15. Rb1 (still betting against the rook for queen trade) Qe5
16. f4 (let's harass the queen some more) Qd5
17. Rg1 (get out of the way) b4 (does he want me to take that pawn?)
18. Rg5 (I can follow that with Ng3 and perhaps get that bishop out of the way) Qh1 check
19. Ng1 (I think I can get the bishop out of this) Qxh4 check
20. Kf1 (the rook is protected, so no sense in moving it into the queen's path) Qxf4 (So much for the protection, but perhaps ...)
21. N(g1)f3 (let's put this knight in the path AND protect the rook) Bh3 check
22. Ke1 Qe3 check (these checks are getting tiresome)
23. Qe2 (it's the only move I see - will he trade Queens?) Qf4 (nope)
24. Rb5 (let's see if we can get these pawns out of the way) Qg3 check
25. Qf2 (raising the possibility of a queen trade again) Qf4
26. R(b1)xb4 (I think this will force the queen to retreat) Qf6
27. Rb1 (time to get back and protect the king again) Ka6 (I'm worried about the rook out there, but I don't see any threat yet)
28. Ke2 (to protect the knight so I can move Qh2 then take the bishop) g5
29. Qh2 (continuing the plan - but what am I missing this time??) Bd7
30. R(b1)b4 (maybe I can trap this pawn, then get into some aggressive plays at b8) Kxb4 (why can't I see these??)
31. Rxb4 (checking more carefully this time) e5
32. Re4 (get out of the way) Ke2
33. d4 Nc8
34. d4xe5 Qf5
35. Rc4 Bb5 (OK - that rook is a goner. So how do I get some value for it? I think I can get a pawn, knight or bishop for it.)
36. Qh1 (let's go for the Bishop) g4
37. Nd4 Qxe5 check
38. Kd1 Bxc4
39. Nxc4 Qd4
40. Nd2 (I think it's pretty hopeless now, but I'll keep playing to find out) Qd5
41. c3 (to protect the kinght so I can move my Queen) Bc5
42. Nc4 Qd5
43. Qd1 check (it's about time I pretend to do something to threaten his King) Kf8
44. Ne3 Qf7
45. Qh1 Rb8
46. Qc6 (I think I get the bishop or the knight - but I'll check carefully before moving) Rb1 check
47. Kc2 Qxa2 check
48. Kd3 Bxd4
49. Qxc8 (I'll try one last stand before going down in flames) check Kf7
50. Qxh8 Bxh8 (Oh !@#$. I wasn't watching again.)
51. I think the only reasonable thing to do at this point is resign. So I will.

Is there any hope for me?


PS - I caught myself typing a K for the Knight instead of an N. If there are any odd moves by a King, please consider it may be a typo for a Knight.
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