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Hey b,

He can't seem to help himself.

That I can fully appreciate...And this I didn't really realize until one day a coupla years ago in College...

I'm sitting in the College cafeteria studying for a test. The cafeteria is FULL and quite NOISY, but it did not bother me in the slightest. As I'm sitting there fully engrossed* in what I was reading, I get tapped on the shoulder, snapping me back to "reality."

I turn around to find a female friend of my brother's sitting there looking at me somewhat strangely. She asked me, "How do you do that?"

Since I have no clue what she's talking about, I ask her to please explain.

She says, "I've been watching you for about ten minutes now. The noise in here is damn near deafening and yet you're totally oblivious to the noise, fully engrossed* (...her word, not mine...) in what you're reading and are playing a tune with your fingers. You're not just tapping your fingers in a nervous kind of way, but actually tapping out a tune that you're "listening to" in your head. How do you do that!!??"

I replied that I really didn't know "how" I was capable of that, but that maybe it was related to my living with my Grandparents. I explained that they have (..."had" at that time...) a Taxi Cab business, that I had been around since I was 7...We had three phones for our business, between 10 to 20 phones we answered for other companies as an answering service (...most were after-hours (...5 to 7pm or later...) service only...) and having between four to seven Taxi drivers we needed to dispatch to calls, along with numerous "kids" ( and sisters...) constantly running in and out of the office, and even having the TV on to watch a regular show, I just got "used to it."

She was floored, but still didn't quite "get it." Neither did I at the time because I had never heard of, or if I had, never paid attention to ADD/ADHD "stuff."

So, I understand where your son is coming from as it drives my wife nuts with all'a my foot/feet tamping/twitching, knee bouncing, and finger drumming. She says I even twitch my feet while sleeping. Poor kid.

I also understand where you're coming from as onna my kids is a finger drummer and it drives me nuts!! I have to continuously remind myself that I do this too and not to "attack" him when he does this. It ain't too difficult though as the boy is 6'2" and about 200 lbs...I'm 6'3" and only 160lbs. <bg>

Can I throw him out the window? We're only on the first floor. It wouldn't hurt much. Of course there'd be the issue of getting his big ol' size 13 boot to go through it.

LOL...To this day I will still say that I'm surprised that NO ONE in my family ever decided to kill me because of all the "havoc" I reeked. However, please remember that that size 13 boot just may wanna "kick back" someday and if it happens to hit a particular hole, it just may hurt a little bit. ;-)

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