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Sorry for the late response...and I fully approve you taking over the board...nice posts so far!

Funny you asked about the drybulk shippers. As you saw in my "cheap" series, the initial numbers caught my attention. I'm digging more into fact, I should have an article out on Wednesday titled "A Dangerous Opportunity." As the title suggests, there seems to be both danger and opportunity in drybulk shipping. I need to do more research before I'm convinced one way or the other on drybulk shipping, but I should have a new basket of picks in the next few days. Stay tuned!

As for NPK, fortunately for you (unfortunately for my portfolio), it's trading below where I recommended it.

Fool on,
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I know you guys can really get busy with all your research. With all the new fangled social media out there it can be easy to lose track of this original social media of the message boards.

I look forward to any research and insights into Drybulkers (I own EGLE and NM), or any shipping for that matter. As products are moving so does the economy. Containerized cargo is doing very well, but I'm wondering if some of those shippers are overvalued.

Yeah, NPK, down in the short term. What's making this whole Rising Stars port series fun for me is the anticipation of waiting to see where everybody's ports are going to be 5 years down the road. And maybe pick up a few good ideas for myself.
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Here's that article on dry bulk shipping I promised:

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Oh yeah! I definately read it. My internet homepage is with powered by Yahoo. On my homepage I have a long watchlist of stocks more than several are drybulkers and your article was fed there for each of the ones you mentioned that I have on my watchlist.

You couldn't be more right about the danger in drybulk.

I own EGLE. I liked their story and they are increasing revenues, but the debt they have is killing them. They're right now in disagreement with their lender over the definition of the convenants. If the negotiations don't go in favor of EGLE they risk being an on going concern. I'm holding for now. My position is less than 1% of my portfolio, so I can stand the hit I'm taking right now. I wouldn't recommend buying any shares for now.

I also own NM they may be a survivor,less than 2% of my portfolio, and are still paying me a dividend. Afiliated with NMM an MLP. I wouldn't recommend them now either, though.

For the whole drybulk sector, I'm keeping my ears open and waiting to see if and when they start scrapping and selling the oldest vessels. I think there was some "irrational exhuberance" by the owners building all those new ships and I think they know it now.

Out of your list JMHO, I think the two best picks would be;
Diana Shipping, Inc. (NYSE:DSX) & PARAGON SHIPPING, Inc. (NYSE:PRGN)
Both have very managable debt and are continuing to pay out a dividend. As a matter of fact those two are high on my list for my next investment window I have coming up in the next few weeks.

I'm going to have only two new picks at the most in my next window.
My short list is;(not in any particular order)
or add to one of my existing positions of HAS, NUE, PLD, PCH, or BBVA

One more idea I've been keeping an eye on is AMSC. Waiting to see their revised SEC filings and what the new CEO has to say about their current state of the business.

Have a great weekend!
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