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Hey, go for it. You have nothing to lose by throwing in your resume.

That's what I was thinking :-)

I work for the government, not a consultant. And I'm a hydrologist (with a degree in geology) but I have known a few consulting geologists and I've applied to a few private firms.

USGS? Where?

Pay--everything pays less than IT. Why fiddling with a computer pays so well, I don't know (not that I'm bitter or anything... :-))

I don't know there was a Classified Ad in the jobs section in the newspaper from someone claiming to earn $5000/week, and they wanted 5 people to do the same. Doubt that was the kind of IT I do :-) lol

I think IT is changing. Paying good money for good people is one thing, but it is becoming a commodity and computers *should* be easier. As soon as they become easier, loads of "engineer" positions are replaced with loads of "skivvy" positions. (think of any other new technology - trains, cars, etc. the early workers were more skilled relative to everyone else, then the jobs became easier with less training requirements)

Generally, one important thing is writing skills. You'll probably be writing reports, proposals, etc. (Well, this *should* be important. In my previous job I reviewed reports and plans from engineers and landscape architects. I never saw a single one without errors. Some of those I'd have been embarrassed to have my name on. A couple were so bad I simply sent them back--I just couldn't make sense of them!)

My written English isn't what it used to be, but is a lot better than what I often see. Of course I'm surrounded by a load of Colonials who don't know how to spell "colour", pronounce "tomato", and think "the house is lighted" is good English. :-)

Consultants also want more business, so they're looking for marketers. Do you have contacts from your previous work? Or some ideas to bring in more business?

Not really. The previous company I worked was a seismic exploration outfit. I worked on the inhouse software (and tended to specialise in the more geophysical aspects - I found it more interesting, and it was an efficent use of expertise by my bosses). The company I currently work for are more software library orientated. So they're more likely to sell to this company that is advertising (a civil engineering outfit) than the other way around!

They don't want to have to teach or train you. Don't bother telling them you're a fast learner. They don't want a fast learner--they want someone who's already learned, who can hit the ground running (which no one can do--this is a totally unrealistic expectation [not that I'm bitter about this, either]--so just fake it).

Thanks. I guess one problem would be if I was called to interview and they started dropping buzzwords - even in geophysics. Sure, I know a lot of techniques, but not necessarily the latest sensor product name / whatever.

And emphasize anything unique you could bring to the position. Assume everyone has the same qualifications you do, and find something that pushes you over the edge. Figure out how your previous IT experience can benefit this position and company.

Err, developing new tools unique to our requirements...

Finally, it's been my experience that geo/hydro/CE employers like the old-fashioned, chronological resume best. I'd recommend you stick with that (which isn't bad, since it puts your geo degrees--what you want to emphasize--first). You can still tweak your experience to emphasize the geological angle, and of course go into more detail in your cover letter.

So more like what I'd call a CV? I can do that!


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