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Hey guys, love the new board! Heres a great site about some obscure Chinese company that will help get from the idea all the way to the distribution:

I just recently started changing suppliers to asia because of deteriorating quality from our old suppliers.

First was DC cordsets for a battery pack. We ended up getting higher quality cable for less than we were just paying for the jack made in the USA.

Next I'm planning getting glass lenses from Asia, over the past 2 years our american suppliers have had quality go completley go down the tubes. Which ends up reflecting on us since we make the final product.

American companies had enough problems competing on price, but when they offer lower quality at a higher price they are in big trouble.

That said I think Asia is great for aquiring materials/components. But unless you have big financial backing your probably going to have to build in the United States.

Most contract manufacturing places over there will not deal with small/medium volume. And you can't prove a market for new product until you market with small/medium volume first.

Unless you have gobs and gobs of cash collecting dust in your house.

What type of item is it? Is it a consumer or professional item? It didn't sound from your post like there was a patent involved. A professional item you can start with the inventory you can afford and a classified at or go to a trade show. I don't about wal-mart/consumer items as I work in the medical equipment industry. Personally I wouldn't know where to start with a household "doodad" other than to try to sell the invention to someone who can afford to market it.

How complex is the item? ( is great for prototyping simple parts and for small/medium runs and they have just about the best tooling prices I've seen for injection molding).

I looked at the website you mentioned and after reading it I would have to say that I would NOT use them. They don't actually DO anything except take your instuctions and act on them.

Here are the things they list they do:

Product Development and Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Importing, Logistics, and Shipping

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing: This is 1 item. I can't recommend highly enough for getting simple parts done at a very good price. Most new CAD software also includes manufacturing rules built in to prevent people from designing things the factory will laugh at. (example would be wall thicknesses for differing materials etc..) is my favorite for components, we are getting our switches direct from a manufactuer we sampled through mouser. With regard to manufacturing.... If you really want someone else to build your first new baby, good luck...... It helps if they are close enough to visit or yell at. It's going to change from the first one made until how it's made is iron'd out, and MOST contract manufactuing plants don't do that. They simply assemble final product. IMHO if you can't make it profitable on a small/micro scale you can't on a large scale. An example of a microscale would be can you make prodotypes and sell them on ebay?

Importing, Logistics, and Shipping: Importing is a easy boast to make, the factory sending the goods is responsible for the paperwork. You just pick it up. Logistics,,,, ummmm could someone elaborate? If your just starting your not going to have to worry about that. Shipping? They are referring from the asian factory to here. Which I doubt they can save you enough money on the shipping to make them worth it.

I could read no mention of any service they render with regards to finding customers or distributors. And that's going to be the toughest part.

Fortunatley with the web making a product known is MUCH cheaper than it used to be. With inexpensive software like peachtree accounting software for manufacturers(the one I'm using). With services like (we have been using for over a year (since we dropped UPS) for several hundred shipments a month). It's easier than ever to get your feet wet(with your own funds) before you dive in with (chances are, other peoples money)

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