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Hey! The Siemens Webpage has been redesigned. When did that happen? :) Looks a lot better now.

Anyway. Back to business.

I'm finding that many of my investments are related in some way and, if nothing else, limits the amount of new technologies I need to learn about.

I can totally relate. I think I am diversifying but if I take a closer look then I am sticking to what I know, which is a good thing I think. One time I will get to learn more on something totally different and get into that.

On to Siemens. I would like to forgo all disclaimers on this board while our family remains small. Can we just assume we're all "Learning Together" without the need to downplay responsibility?

Yes please. Let's not get all NOK board here :)

Mobile networks and handsets currently make up the largest % of earnings(as of Dec. 31, 2000. *Is it better if we use the European method of dating - 31.12.00?*) Networks were 12.7% of earnings, Handsets(handies?) were 18.6%.

Mobile networks and handsets make up a good part. From what Siemens says, medical equipment is going very strong in the US.

I think we stick with whatever date system is understandable. I think as we are a US board we use the US system and I think it is better to use Dec. instead of 12 because as soon as we are at 11.12.00 then we have a problem not knowing what we are talking about (11th of December or 12th of November? :)).

And yes, handsets are handies in germany.

What worries me for networks and mobile phones, or makes me happy, is the last quarter.

here the change from 2000 to 2001

ICN (networks) sales from 2.4 to 2.9 billion EUR but earnings (EBITA) down to 150 from 211 millions. This might be due to the fact that they need to spend heavily on R&D. We might have to look at how the help our SPs in terms of financing here though.

ICM (mobile) sales from 1.9 to 2.9 billione EUR (nice!) but EBITA only from 216 to 219 million EUR. But this is really attributable to the fact that they _really_ _want_ _market_ _share_! :) They are attacking that agressively and they have some very nice phones here in germany.

Networks were exclusively GSM, all in Europe.

not true. Or do you mean currently running? The recent press releases shows a GPRS network in the Ukraine. They have some UMTS deals and I think they are doing something in China. But we might want to look at that.

The next significant sector is Medical Solutions (19.1% of revenue). This growth has come primarily from two US acquisitions - Shared Medical Systems and Acuson. I haven't determined what they do yet(anyone?), but the medical business in the US can be a very lucrative one. Well worth investigating.

I did some bio medical technology studies 3 years ago and this field rocks! I mean it is amazing what they are doing there, not especially Siemens that is. Getting people that are parralized to walk for example. Parralized from the hip!!! Replacing organs. Extensive research is going on for removing the water from blood which would mean you could store is like sand or something :)

So I really see this space moving very fast. I havve to talk to a friend of mine who is working in one of the biggest german clinics.

Automation & Drives is the next large sector (18.3%).
I have no knowledge of this at all. So much to learn!

Wow. I envy you for your drive. This is amazing. I was always just backing down but I think it might really be worth it.

We then have Osram(12.2%). What is this?

Light bulbs and stuff I think. Well at least lightbulbs. I would expect that they do other things too but if you go into a super market buying anything that makes light then you will see Osram :)

They have a cool slogan. "There is light and there is OSRAM." :)

They do not seem to be in the US as such. But just look at the right side with the countries and you will know it is world wide no matter if it is in the US :)

Financing and Real Estate follows at 12.2%. Is this company diversified, or what? Does anyone know if these services are only within Germany or throughout Europe?

I would say that at least Financing is world wide. We need some hardcore Siemens brains here :) But good, we can get there together.

There are a host of other, smaller sectors. Notable would be Power Generation due to a 86.8% jump in earnings. Very nice! The big downside looks like Siemens Automotive(I'm assuming ignitions and electrical systems) with a negative 3% revenue. But then the automotive market is slow, and Siemens doesn't sell cars(it may be the only thing they don't do:)

They already said that they need to work on that. And they will. They are doing everything that you can think of that is in a car as far as I know. GPS systems, advanced research, everything ...

This company is going to be seriously challenging to learn in full. It is essential that we help each other.

Yeah, I absolutely agree. Maybe we can split it up a bit.

I would like to look at the medical side and could look at Osram if everybody agrees.

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