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Hi Becky!

First explain UNIX processes, please:)

UNIX is an operating system mostly used on big server boxes, like SUN computers. A process on UNIX is just a program that is running. You can have many simultaneous processes.

Then, on this consciousness business---Are "mind" and "brain" supposed to be different? That wouldn't make any sense. When you have brain damage, you can lose consciousness and part of your mind--a brain tumor, for instance, can completely change your personality( I knew a girl in high school who had a brain tumor. She was the sweetest girl, then in a few months she completely changed--not incredible for a teenager.

I think that mind and brain are different ideas. We talk about "brain damage" and not mind damage. And you can loose your mind without losing your brain. But certainly the mind and brain are intimately related. The scientific fact that I am certain of is that you can't have a mind without a brain, but this is a weaker statement than saying the mind arises from the brain. To use an analogy, you can't listen to a radio program without a radio, but the radio program doesn't arise from the internal workings of the radio.

I see the brain keeping all the info that is 'us'--If it gets damaged
we aren't 'us' anymore, because we lose whatever was in the damaged part.

It is certainly true that the brain keeps all this info, and here the radio analogy breaks down.

From this and another post I know that you identify your self with your personality. (That was a great article you posted before. I ought to have gone over to the Political Asylum board and taunted them with the fact that when a certain part of the brain is damaged you start prefering Taco Bell to French cuisine, and liberal politics to conservative politics.)

Personality changes would be worse. Especially if a 'church lady' didn't believe in God any more. Will she go to heaven? I think so.
Her 'mind' was partially destroyed in that part of her brain.
Otherwise, the mind would not be 'tangible'. What, some untouchable
thing. Supernatural.

Yes, it is all so very mysterious. I, too, have many more questions than answers. I feel that "mind", "consciousness", "soul", "spirit" is an objectively real and fundamental aspect of the universe.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the peculiar thought:

"You can't go to the grocery store and say to the clerk: 'I would like a pound of information, please'."

And I wonder: is information objectively real? Does information exist if there is no mind to be informed? When the first living cell formed in whatever way it did, was there information?

I read somebody's opinion that LIFE = MATTER + INFORMATION; I don't think this is controversial. The argument between ID and Darwinists is often framed as to where this information comes from. But what exactly is being informed by that information?

Dembski has asserted a "law" which says "Information cannot be created or destroyed". I don't know what this means, or whether or not it makes any sense. But thinking that such a law may be a sensible thing to assert seems to be granting information an existence as real and objective as that of matter.

Is this a sensible procedure? Is information as objectively real as matter. Taking the equation LIFE = MATTER + INFORMATION, can we then form the equation INFORMATION = LIFE - MATTER? The anatomists cannot find a soul when they dissect a body. Can they find information?

But I wonder what the materialists think they are talking about when they are talking about information.

The old formula was


The new one


Is it possible that the materialists have just renamed an old discredited concept with a shiny new name?

It is too nice a Sunday to spend sitting in front of a computer.

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