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HI Calabogie...

*Wow* saying something nice about my posts? That's a brave thing you did around these parts :) Thanks. But more importantly, thank you for being open minded to my point of view even where you question it...THAT trait is what we're lacking in politics today. While most of this board is like a toy to me, where I love pulling the puppet strings of my pets, SOME people on the opposing side have caused me also to re-think things and moderate my views. I'd say the likes of Dovbaer and Hochizen have made me more "purple" than I was before....vs being solely Red.

TOTALLY agree with you about major party monopoly. As someone who voted PEROT in 1992 and 1996 I know something about how the system is rigged. It's onerous to get on all the ballots. The corporate owned media does NOT give 3rd parties a serious reporting. The BIGGEST most CORRUPT part is the Commission on Presidential Debates, which is always chaired by ex RNC and DNC bosses.

So they freeze 3rd parties out.

Then, they get the sheeple so hopped up and ranchorous at each other, that we'll allow our own side to get away with murder because it's "our side".

I'm guilty of it. The Civil Liberty stuff and Executive power grabs by Bush-Cheney had merit, but in final analysis went too far. Obama is no different only now, the Libs here who USED TO whine about 'liberty' and 'constitution' are silent. All we care about is blaming each other.

We're a civilization in decline. Culturally, politically, you name it.

For a decade here...I said that we'd become balkanized. One day we'd have so many factions, so polarized, that we'll resemble some 3rd worlds. I think the evidence is in, and we're going that way. It's not just Repub and Dem's NeoCon, PaleoCon, Centrist Dems, LibDems, TeaParty, Occupy, Married Women, Single Women, Church Goer, Athiest, white people. White yuppy. Young Cuban. Old Cuban. And the Establishment LOVES that we're so divided.....because it distracts US as THEY carve up the country amongst themselves AND sell the country to foreign bodies.

You're so right. The sheeple will say "nut job" to 3rd party voices, and then get their butts kicked by Republicans and Democrats.

I'll say that some of the BEST ideas I've heard have come from Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Gary Johnson and Dennis Kucinich.

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